Succes Stories

Synapse Analytics

Synapse Analytics is a Data Science and A.I. company enabling organizations to monetize on their data by becoming data driven and A.I. powered.

"Why Data Sciene?
Data is the new Oil" For generations, organizations have collected massive amounts of data on their customers, products and markets. These data encompass so much learning and insight, that can be transformative for the business, the market and the world. Further, this learning and insight can fuel machine learning algorithms, that can amass years of experience in a few hours, providing so much insight and automation, that was never possible before."

The Doodle Factory

The Doodle Factory is an Egyptian brand that collaborates with different stakeholders and organizations to inclusively empower vulnerable children. Using their drawings, the brand creates designs that are then placed on everyday lifestyle products. These products are then sold to be able to constantly fund for the medical, educational and survival needs of the children.



So-lyma is a start up fashion brand.

"Our aesthetic is to create unique pieces, all handmade. We create handmade socks, belts (real leather), gloves and fashionable garments. Solyma Darwish is a graduate from the American University In Cairo, majored in Visual Arts. Solyma is a high end brand, targeting to dress the Ladies that would like to stand out, as our garments are made to be styled in different ways as they are multi-functional. We like to make our clients feel special, as our aim is to trend set your identity; as we are not trend followers, we are trend setters. 

NL Art

Laila and Nour are two young artists that are bringing to the Cairo art scene a new form of art- Contemporary Mix media. Their work blends photography, painting, and architectural conceptualisation into a unique form that tells beautiful stories of “Life in the city”. They are inspired by the long forgotten Egyptian crafts of – photography, hand-painting & glass painting - adding a contemporary twist to that age old forms of art. Born and raised in Cairo, with formal studies in architectural engineering, Laila and Nour follow a scientific technique in making their artwork. The end result is a layered piece of work comprised of mixed elements such as translucent prints, watercolours, golden leaves and vibrant acrylic brush strokes reacting with artificial and daylight creating a whole new experience. Laila and Nour have set out to bring a new renaissance to this art form; telling stories about a city as old as time.


What differentiates Varak from others is how they see food. They see it as an art and it mainly revolves around a concept that constantly renovates itself, with endless innovative avant-garde ideas, and a whole world of experimental F&B to put into work.

Soft Power Productions

"Soft Power Productions is co-founded by Dr. Mona Zaki and her two daughters Dalia and Lily Farid Fadel. Dr Zaki, CEO of Global Strategic Consultants, professor of business at the American University in Cairo and wife of Artist Farid Fadel has always believed in the power of Art. In a turbulent time not only for the Middle East but for the world as well, art has an “immense power in bringing about global peace, harmony and love” affirms Dr. Zaki.