Services and Facilities


Oasis International School places the highest importance on the safety of learners, staff and visitors. The school maintains and develops proactive and reactive risk management strategies. The safety and security directors work closely with agents who are trained, skilled, well trained, and equipped.

A system of CCTV and IP cameras are installed inside and outside the school premises which allows video monitoring and recording of any events.



Each campus has an infirmary to provide emergency care. The school doctor provides learners with strict rigor, proper care, and medication. Parents are informed daily through an online tracking system.

In case of real emergency, students are taken to the hospital. We also receive regular visits from an expert doctor who comes to work in collaboration with our professionals.



The school canteen offers our learners a balanced diet meal. We choose to work with a restaurant which combines nutritional quality and diversity in the menu. To enable our learners to discover the culinary specialties of the world, a monthly theme is organized every month on the different cuisines.


University Counsellor

The role of our university counsellor isn’t limited to giving advice, he/she works with
the universities, by organizing meetings with students, both onsite or at the school
He/she also works actively with the research and enrolment of our future graduates.
The relationship between the counsellor and the students is a close one, they can at
any time consult him/her to finish a motivation letter or even an ongoing application.


Our school transportation bus service covers all of Cairo, including some of the
further located neighbourhoods such as Shorouk and 6th of October city.

The supervision in our buses is done by qualified personnel. Our bus matrons and our drivers are trained to the principles of Positive Discipline. GPS is on constantly, and is directly connected to our central bureau of Transportation, available to all parents under any circumstances.