Adventure Learning

Tell me and I will forget, teach me and I will remember, involve me and I will learn!

It is after this quote that the Adventure Learning takes all its meaning: learn outside the classroom through experimenting in diverse ways, through living it. This approach allows our learners to discover others under a different angle, revealing everyone’s strengths, strengths that are not necessarily obvious and visible inside the classroom.

All the proposed activities allow the learners to develop the Profile Attributes and to acquire a larger range of skills that will serve them for a lifetime. The opportunities at Oasis International School reach way further than the walls of the classroom. Indeed, our Adventure Learning Programme offers an age-appropriate progression of experiences to our learners all the way from PYP 1 until DP.

From organizing a camp at school, to sandboarding on the dunes of the Egyptian desert, to practice nautical sports on the shores of the Red Sea, to hiking in Petra – Jordan – or in the High Atlas of Morocco, to visit Mount Catherine, or even to cycle more than 100km to go to Ain Sukhna, our learners gain confidence in their physical abilities, and their emotional resilience in order to face new, stimulating and enriching situations.