As a part of our educational and linguistic approach, the Oasis International School offers its learners to participate in major productions combining theatersong and dance, presented at the Cairo Opera House.

This is the opportunity for our learners to experience a series of activities and situations requiring rigor, commitment, cooperation, creativity, responsibility and self-control.

In their last show at the Grand Theatre of the Cairo Opera, they presented "Aladdin" over two memorable evenings in front of a captivated audience. The audience was dazzled by their performances in theatre, dance and singing, the majestic sets and magnificent tableaux incorporating new technologies.

Our learners had the great honor of participating in the 14th International Conference on Biological Diversity under the presidency of President Abdel Fattah El Sisi and the Minister of the Environment.

They presented a show mixing dance, theater and song, in several languages (Arabic - French - English) to send a message to the world about the importance of preserving our planet.