Student Council

The Student Council was formed with the objective of improving the school community through organizing more outings and trips; increasing sports activities; increasing artistic projects and organizing competitions among students. The Student Council is a group of elected student leaders representing their peers in the active running of school affairs and in decision making. It is managed by a secretarial and organizational team of students in the IB Diploma Programme. The council is made up of committees and departments. 

There are six committees in total: the academic committee; the charity and awareness committee; the sports committee; the artistic and cultural committee; the outings and trips committee and the events committee. Every committee has a president, a vice-president and student representatives from P4 to D2. Each committee initiates and carries out projects under its mandate. The departments help the committees in the implementation of projects. There are a total of six departments: the media department; the administrative department; the IT department; the marketing department and the sponsorship department.