Student Council

The Student council is an essential organ in the school life. It groups selected learners to express their colleagues' ideas to the school management and the school community. This council also aims to implement various projects for the entire school community to promote the well-being and understanding within the school.

Dear students,

I have the honor to present to you the 3rd Student Council of the Oasis International School. The Student Council is made up of a group of leaders who work to have a meaningful impact on our school community, our city, our governorate and our country.

The goal of the Student Council is to develop projects and activities that will benefit students, the school and the community. Through the Council, the responsibilities of the students are broadened, which allows them to have a more direct participation in the organization of activities and the school system. Students are involved in school planning and thus develop a sense of belonging to the school. Beyond school, the Student Council is establishing nationwide collaboration with all schools in Egypt.

To do this, this year we have 5 different committees:

- The Academic Committee,

- The Events and Outings Committee,

- The Sports Committee,

- The Artistic and Cultural Committee,

- and finally the Charity Committee.

On the other hand, the team in place cannot be successful without the Organizing Team which ensures the implementation of the projects and which allows the vision of the Presidents to become a reality. This year, the Organizing Team is made up of 4 departments:

- The Administration Department,

- The Sponsoring Department,

- The Multimedia Department,

- And the IT and Design Department.

The Student Council is above all an ideal opportunity to express oneself, to put forward projects that improve our school experience. It also allows all participants to enrich their collaboration, planning, research and communication skills, not to mention the added value that such experience represents on their CVs for their application at university and further development in their professional career.

Finally, the Student Council represents an opportunity that is both academically beneficial, but also to step out of our comfort zone, be exposed to new perspectives and experiences, and establish lifelong friendships!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me (

On behalf of the entire Student Council Team,

Best regards,

Raghda M.Gad,

President of the Student Council