The Oasis International School aims to achieve its objectives of international sensitivity through the organization of the United Nations Model Conference, OISMUN. The school began to take part in MUN conferences from 2006. The Diploma Office has made every effort to make MUN an extracurricular activity at school. Therefore, in March 2008, the Oasis International School organized its first Model United Nations conference. The first OISMUN conference was a simulation of four committees with the Disarmament Commission and the Security Council offered in French and English, making OISMUN officially the first bilingual conference in Egypt.

The 3rd OISMUN (February 2010) saw the inauguration of the International Court of Justice and the use of Robert Stern's guide as a reference document.

In 2012, the school organized its 4th conference bringing drastic reforms to the structure of the conference. Under the supervision of the school, the students of the 2012 promotion took charge of the organization of OISMUN IV. The creation of the organizing committee was a key measure that the school initiated to teach students the virtues of teamwork and develop their organizational skills. Also, the Conference Secretariat chaired the first plenary session of the General Assembly. And each year, the students are under the supervision of the conference directors who organize the entirety of the activity.

Every year since 2013, new developments take place to strengthen the conference, the General Assembly as an organ of OISMUN. The subject debated at the General Assembly was the "world oil crisis by 2015". The 6th conference team made OISMUN an eco-friendly conference by using recycled materials for OISMUN stationery and developing electronic procedures for committees. On November 10, 2013, the closing ceremony took place at the Great Pyramids of Giza.

For OISMUN VII, the Crisis Committee has been set up, creating dynamic crisis simulations with the objective of strengthening critical thinking skills among delegates, and encouraging them to reflect on the consequences and effectiveness of the solutions to problems.

OISMUN VIII allowed innovation and improvement of the OISMUN conference considerably.  The OISMUN site was created gathering all the necessary information on the OISMUN conference, its team, its committees and its subjects. It allowed OISMUN to be granted membership in January 2016 by the International Conference of the United Nations Model in The Hague (THIMUN). THIMUN is one of the largest MUN conferences globally. Notably, OISMUN is the only bilingual conference affiliated by THIMUN in Egypt.

OISMUN IX gave delegates the chance to participate in two new committees: the Commission for Economic and Social Council on the Status of Women and the Commission for Economic and Social Council for Science and Technology. OISMUN X gave C1 and C2 learners the opportunity to be delegates as journalists during a “mini-conference”  on the last day . The organization of our last OISMUN XII conference made it possible to take up the challenge of a significant increase in the number of participants from various Egyptian and foreign schools.

Each year, the subjects are renewed and relate to problems affecting the world of today like human rights, economic problems, political conflicts around the world, subjects concerning sustainable development and the environment.

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