Arab League

The political renaissance of any country depends on the ability of its people to exercise their political rights and the depth of their awareness of the concept of democracy and its various mechanisms so that the choice of the rational and the selection of alternatives become skills owned by different strata of society.

And based on this observation, the Oasis International School organizes stimulated  conferences for global and regional organizations such as the United Nations and the League of Arab States, during which students study many international and Arab issues discussed in the organs of the League, adopt different points of view and organize seminars and debates around them.

 At the end of every conference, the closing ceremony is always held at the official seat of the Arab League in Cairo.

During conference days, students are divided into five councils: the Council of the League at the summit level, the Arab Council of Ministers of Justice, the Council of Ministers of the Interior, the Council of Arab Ministers of Foreign Affairs in addition to the Economic and Social Council, in a complete simulation of the organizational structure of the League. Therefore, the students play the role of minister and have formal debates by discussing the issues specific to each council.

The subjects to be discussed concern, human rights, economy, justice, regional conflicts, political problems encountered by states.