Student athlete raises water bottle above head as they drink.

The fusion of nutritional wellness and athletics is integral for our IB Student-Athletes performance and well-being. Within the Oasis Athletics Division, we prioritise the dietary needs of student-athletes. Meals spanning breakfast, lunch, pre-training snacks, and dinner are all freshly prepared and served on campus, including non-practice weekdays.

Our Nutritionist and Chef collaborate closely, tailoring well-rounded meals to meet the individual needs of our student-athletes, aligned with their daily routines and sport specialties. Additionally, our Nutritionist extends their guidance beyond meal times, educating student-athletes on basic nutritional concepts during study sessions and offering insights into healthy food choices. 

Through our didactic kitchen, student-athletes explore the art of wholesome cooking, meal planning and gain insight into the essentials of balanced meals under the guidance of our in-house chef. We prioritise their well-being with a regular physical assessment and follow-up body composition analysis, ensuring healthy development, injury prevention, and overall fitness.

This holistic approach empowers our student-athletes to understand their dietary needs and make informed food choices, both within and beyond our campus, fostering a lifelong understanding of healthy eating.