Health and Nutrition


Nutrition is a fundamental element to our IB Student-Athletes to help them train, compete and recover. That is why a dedicated kitchen has been set up to meet the individual needs of each student.

In addition to this, as part of their training, IB Student-Athletes will get involved in the Didactic Kitchen. The aim is to educate them with a playful and interactive approach on the essential basics of nutrition concepts to reach a healthy and balanced diet and its interaction with sports performance.


Healthy Nutrition

Dietary assessment and individual counseling with each IB Student-Athlete allow us to establish a specific understanding of the student’s preferences, food habits, and challenges encountered to best support them through their routine. 

A personalized dietary plan is established for each student, considering sports specialty, medical condition (e.g., allergies, injury), energetic needs for training and recovery, performance objectives, body composition goals (e.g., more snacks for muscle gain) and timing of training and/or competition. The dietary plan relies on a deep understanding of pediatric nutrition, and sports nutrition to adapt recommendations to the lifestyle of each IB Student-athlete.

All meals are prepared by the kitchen under the supervision of chefs at the highest level of experience and efficiency.


Didactic Kitchen

Oasis International School provides an educational Didactic kitchen, as all IB. Student-Athletes are empowered through the learning of meal preparation, the building of healthy meals and the understanding of energy balance throughout the days.

We believe that IB Student-athletes need to be part of every step in their training and that education is key for sustainable dietary adherence. 

With the Didactic Kitchen, we want to promote healthy food choices and eating behaviors. To achieve this goal, IB Student-Athletes will learn the benefits of having a wide variety from all food groups, low in saturated fats, rich in fibers, with the least transformation and how it is central to their athletic skills' development.