three male student athletes football in hug looking at camera and smiling

Oasis Athletics Division is dedicated to developing the whole person. Our holistic approach fosters robust personal and emotional growth in our IB Student-Athletes. We offer rigorous daily sports training at an elite level, along with opportunities to compete in both national and international tournaments, as well as specialised training camps.

We have developed a formula: Oasis Athletics Pipeline® to ensure that all student-athletes are given the opportunity to explore their talents in three main sports: Swimming, Gymnastics, and Football, with the view to include more sports in the future. 


Our program is recognised by the Egyptian National Federation, giving students the opportunity to compete in either the Competitor or Professional Track. 

Competitor Track:
Competes in interscholastic and academy level competitions.

Professional Track:
Competes in professional club level and Olympic competitions.

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male student athlete dives into pool

In the Oasis Swimming Team, we're dedicated to guiding every IB Student-Athlete on their athletic voyage, empowering them to achieve their utmost potential. 

Our program is tailored for student-athletes, emphasising technique enhancement, stroke precision, speed refinement, style finesse, and advanced breathing techniques. Our coaches create an environment that is secure and welcoming, encouraging relationships founded on respect, and nurturing both athletic and emotional development.

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girl student athlete holds back bend position in gymnasium

At Oasis Gymnastics, our goal is to foster a community of passionate IB Student-Athletes dedicated to achieving greatness, both within the gym and beyond.

We deeply believe in the transformative impact of gymnastics, harnessing its potential to cultivate strength, resilience, and strong character.

Our aim is to develop athletes who not only compete but also lead with empathy, positively influencing their communities.

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boy student athlete dribbles football

At Oasis Football Team, our mission is to cultivate resilient and skilled football players. We dedicate ourselves to honing technical, physical, and tactical abilities, fostering the next generation of elite IB Student-Athletes.

Driven by our belief in football's transformative potential, we strive to nurture integrity, reliability, and a commitment to fair play among our student-athletes. Our commitment lies in empowering individuals to foster impactful connections and drive positive change in the world through their engagement with the game.