About Us

male student athlete swims freestyle lap in pool. Text: Every champion starts somewhere

Introducing Oasis Athletics Division: Our innovative approach integrates IB academic excellence with high-performance sports. Oasis International School — the sole provider of the IB continuum (PYP, MYP, DP and CP) in Egypt — is the first school in the world to offer an elite athletic program combined with the IB curriculum starting from the Early Years. Education here is an active, experiential process, nurturing curiosity and motivation. 

Beyond academics our extensive athletic program fosters physical development and lifelong skills like commitment and perseverance. We aim to instill fearlessness and a powerful vision, preparing students to confidently tackle life's challenges.

Responding to our students' needs, we merge our reputable IB programmes with athletics, cultivating a new class: IB Student-Athletes.


group of athletes on floor listening to coach
male student athlete holds football in front of goal
girl moves into handstand on beam, gymnastics

The Oasis Athletics Division aims to nurture new generations of IB Student-Athletes by merging the highly competitive, student-centred IB programmes with a balanced athletic program that inspires students to become sustainable, professional athletes.


To become the first school in the world to offer the continuum of IB programmes and a high-level athletic program to prepare generations of balanced, engaged and holistic IB Student-Athletes, ready to participate in local and international competitions.