The role of our university counselor is not limited to giving advice, he or she works with the universities, by organizing meetings with students, both onsite or at the school premises. 

He or she also works actively with the research and enrollment of our future graduates. The relationship between the counselor and the student is a close one; they can at any time consult him or her to finish a motivation letter or even an ongoing application.

Welcome to the Oasis International School, University Counseling Department.

The Oasis university counselor works in partnership with students, parents, and staff to provide a comprehensive counseling program that aligns with our school's principles and promotes student achievement. We seek to reinforce our students’ desire to continue becoming respectful and responsible young adults who have a sense of confidence and motivated to take an active role in creating a brighter future. The counselor believes in each student's true worth. Our mission is to stimulate an atmosphere in which all students feel valued, safe, and encouraged to reach their goals and hit their full potential. We aim to present proactive services to meet the needs of our community, and to help students thrive in the areas of academic achievement, personal and social development, and college  and career awareness in a changing world.

College Process
To help you explore careers and search universities:


College Forms:

·         Document Request Form (DRF)

·         Teacher Recommendation Form

·         IB Request Form

Tests Required:

·         IELTS (English Test)

·         DELF B2 (French Test)

·         DALF C1 or TCF (French Test, required for some university programs taught in French)

·         SAT/ACT (for applying to universities in the USA)

·         UCAT (for Medical Schools in the UK)


Links to help you with university search in some popular countries our students target:

France: Register on 

United Kingdom: Create an account on UCAS and get the new school buzzword from the Counseling Office