Since its creation in 1989, students from all over the world have chosen to study at the Oasis International School. Currently, more than 17 countries are represented on our campuses.

Studying at the Oasis International School represents a real opportunity for our international families thanks to the following aspects.
- The continuum of the four IB programs facilitates the international mobility of these families who may have to settle in other countries according to their professional missions,
- The Diploma Program and the Career-related Program opens the doors to the most prestigious universities in the world, and allows our international students to continue their higher education in the country of their choice.
- The multilingualism benefit of French, English and Arabic languages from Kindergarten on and the possibility of learning Spanish at the Diploma Program.
- The particularly open environment which appreciates the cultural diversity of its learners and of its entire educational community.

Furthermore, the geographical location of the Oasis International School in the heart of Egypt allows them to have a unique experience, marked by the richness of its culture and its history while remaining well anchored in the world of today and preparing them for the world of tomorrow.