What is the Middle Years Programme (MYP)?

The Middle Years Programme (MYP) is designed as an educational framework for learners aged from 11 to 16 years. It is a programme that helps learners develop important life skills.

The MYP gives learners an excellent opportunity to build their opinions and develop their identities by consolidating their strengths, so they can face various real life challenges.

The community project

 In MYP Year 4 learners take on a community project to round and fulfill their IB education. The community project gives learners an opportunity to develop awareness of needs in various communities and address those needs through service learning as a group.

Projet personnel

In the last year of MYP, learners take on a personal project. It is a product or output that is often creative and demonstrates a consolidation of their learning in the MYP.

The personal project should address a challenge that is interesting for the learner and personally motivates him.

The MYP personal project helps learners to undertake practical explorations through a research cycle, action and reflection that allows them to develop the qualities of the IB learner profile.

Online evaluation

Oasis International School is committed to the Middle Years Programme (MYP) new online evaluation system issued by the IB which is administered and awarded to learners in the 5th year.

The new electronic assessment system allows teachers to formally recognise the success of MYP 5 learners which is a critical step in the completion of the program.

Action in MYP

 Action is an essential component in the learning process. It is very important that MYP learners confront and solve community problems based on the knowledge they acquired in the context of the MYP subject groups.

Action enables the learners to be aware of their strengths and the areas they need to improve, this will help them to deepen their understanding and to understand their responsibilities towards the community.

The action has a tremendous impact on the personality of the learners since it encourages them to become independent, to work together, to be organized, and to be audacious in taking concrete measures and showing empathy.

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