Making knowledge accessible to all is the first goal of an inclusive school. It is up to us to be able to respond and adapt to the diverse learning needs of our learners.

This department guarantees the implementation of differentiation for all our leaners, for the talented as well as for those who need individual attention due to learning disabilities. It goes the same way for our foreign students, to give them all the support they need, in all areas. Make knowledge accessible for all is the first goal of an inclusive school. It is our responsibility to answer and adapt ourselves to the diversity of learning needs our students might have.

The implementation of analysis and follow-up pedagogical teams allows us to face school inclusion in a serene manner. The learner finds himself not only guided in his choices but also supported in a constant and efficient way, in the hands of the Learning and Teaching Center (LTC) which answers to the specific needs of all learners.

We work with our talented learners as well as those who face identified difficulties. For our foreign students, the implementation of Arabic language lessons is an opportunity for academic and social integration.