To offer an inspiring education and raise confident, balanced, prosperous, and engaged generations to serve and build a better world.

Student Council

The Student council is an essential organ in the school life. It groups selected learners to express their colleagues' ideas to the school management and the school community.


The disciplines taught at Oasis International School unify our students around the same culture: the social culture, the traditional and modern cultures, the language culture, the science culture as well as the modern technologies culture, the artistic, the thinking, the gesture and the life cultures.


Service and Action

The action is a central component of the IB Programs, and it is a value shared by the entire community. The learners are inspired and encouraged to act in and outside their classroom; these opportunities engage them in service.

Adventure Learning

This approach allows our learners to discover others under a different angle, revealing everyone’s strengths, strengths that are not necessarily obvious and visible inside the classroom.


As  part of our educational and linguistic approach, the Oasis International School offers its learners the chance to participate in major productions combining theater, song and dance, presented at the Cairo Opera House.

Positive Discipline

Oasis International School has chosen Positive Discipline as a school discipline policy since 2015/2016 and has been part of the Positive Discipline Association Lab School network since 2018.

What's Happening

What makes us a top international school in Egypt


Years of Experience

1 : 8

Teacher- student ration



On-going Student-Led Service Projects


Hours Parent Workshop Annually


55 %

Teachers with 10+ Years Experience

1050 +

Hours Annual Staff Professional Development